Professional Sleep Health Solutions

ARKEL Sleep Health Consulting focuses on the assessment, successful treatment and monitoring of sleep problems


An outcome based approach is followed where the goal is to empower clients to reach their sleep goals with the help of registered professional sleep coaches and a network of independent medical professionals

The majority of sleep problems like difficulty going to sleep, staying asleep, waking up too early can be addressed with effective and specific lifestyle and habit changes

Sleep coaching offers an effective way of obtaining good, healthy quality and quantity sleep. 


Clients are often surprised by the positive impact that effective, high-quality lifestyle changes and habitual changes have on their lives

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We offer a total sleep health solution - in three easy steps


 During the assessment, we complete scientific questionnaires in addition to a complete assessment interview. This is to gain a total holistic view of your health and sleep history. We identify your unique sleep health challenges, whatever it may be. You will then be presented with a report detailing your sleep health conditions as well as recommendations to overcome your challenges. This report can then be sent to your family doctor if you so choose, or to your referring healthcare practitioner.  

Solution Planning

 Together we create a total solution to overcome your sleep challenges. No one is the same and therefore your solution plan will be unique to you. 


 It will usually take six sessions to successfully solve your sleeping problems. These sessions are usually a week apart with each consultation between 30 minutes and 60 minutes long. We are very focused on performance tracking and monitoring, so at the beginning of each session we will track and plot your key performance indicators before we start with the consult session for that week. Sometimes, depending on the type of sleep problem you may have, it will be necessary to refer you to a specialist like a sleep lab or specialist doctor to diagnose and treat some medical conditions that may impact negatively on your sleep health. We can refer to someone within our network of healthcare practitioners or we can refer to a healthcare practitioner of your choice.  


Why Sleep Coaching?

Insufficient sleep has reached almost epidemic levels all over the world, including South Africa. 

Ironically, good quality and quantity sleep forms the basis of enjoying a productive, healthy lifestyle. 


The challenges of modern day living sometimes influences our ability to get good quality and quantity sleep.

It feels like our brains are racing and does not want to switch of, causing us to take a long time to fall asleep. 

It may even cause us to wake up meany times a night, sometimes struggling to fall back to sleep. 

This causes us to be fatigued and tired during the day, increasing our stress levels and negatively impacting our lives.

Sleep Coaching can help with:

Healthier living

Sleep helps to fight diseases, aid in weight control, and puts us in a position to eat healthier and exercise more effectively. 

By sleeping better, we increase our energy levels and improving our resilience.


Better sleep helps us to reduce stress and anxiety. 


Improving memory and clarity of thought. 




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